Random Encounter

Running around town again after being a hermit for about 2 years got me to run into old faces, big as this city is.

It has confirmed what I've known for some time that I am not the sociable kind but alas, being a teacher, you're not really allowed to be unsociable. The only good thing about all this is the fact that the students I had are great people, with whom random encounters mostly turn pleasant.

This particular one I met today got on the bus a stop after mine. She's a floor supervisor for the cosmetic department; I am ashamed to say I could not remember her name. I remember her though, the way she was in class, how she performed. She informed me (now that she was stationed at mall X instead of the old Y) she was currently working under Mr M, who had been a student too; dominant, energetic, a complete type A. I asked her, just to kind of confirm, and got a kick out of her asserting that M was still the way he had been.

She confided in me how these youngsters she supervised today "...are nothing like they used to be." It reads like a cliche but I felt for her, more because I know she was not exactly the stern kind. I could see her old charges at Y being the obedient type they were because "...this is how things are run here." That she couldn't assert herself in this new environment at X worried her and I wish I could do something about that.

I asked who was in charge of HR at X and rolled my eyes when she told me. The worst HR manager I had ever encountered, and that's saying something as this was not a small company, at all. Sexist, inconsistent, the do as I say not as I do type of manager. I cackled to myself later though, when I realized that while other supervisors we talked about had mostly been promoted due to expansion, this POS was still a mere HR manager at a branch.

She got off with a request that I drop by at the store and I told her she should really teach me how to put on some make up already!

It's funny. I always used to think I wouldn't want to work with people and I'm still not completely convinced I should but I can't imagine not teaching, not having these people with whom to interact, to challenge -- and when they are no longer students -- to randomly meet, to catch up. I love listening to details of their lives they are willing to share, these resilient people who don't realize how hard they work.

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Personal Projects and Motivation

I don't know my sleeping schedule anymore. We need refreshment course or something.

I have several personal projects to get going and I am just severely unmotivated. I need someone to whip me, really. There are several very... hmmm, motivating external circumstances actually but oh God, what the hell is wrong with me. I keep telling myself at least one today but nooo... asshole self did barely a third.

Going to bed now. Let's see what I can do tomorrow.

Do Your Homework Before Posing as a Hero

I made stupid choice to go on and read a list I made on Twitter -- of various local people who have quite a following based on their tweets alone.

Now some of these people I have ended up following for real (you know, rather than surreptitiously stalking) while others... let's just say not following them do lots of good to my blood pressure.

However, I decided to take a look the other day and came across this guy who I had dismissed as pseudo intellectual, forever condemning this and that in an effort to make himself look smart.

There was a series of tweets where he quoted a dissertation from a local woman, a dissertation which I must admit undermined women's rights to think for themselves and live their lives as individuals. What incensed me, however, was just a couple of tweets afterward he was making a throwaway comment about Adele being fat, meant as an insult.

Adele, or rather her work, is not my cup of tea but I recognize good work and talent. Calling her fat, for whatever reason, just makes you look stupid. That, on top of your 'fight' in favor of gender equality? Just sears your forehead with the word 'fake'.

Brains Going to the Gym

My first job lasted three years and it was an exciting, back breaking challenging job. Second job lasted three years as well but much slower, unsatisfactory not to mention brain killing type of job. Now, more than a year into my third one, which admittedly is more comfortable and much better paid, my brain is in a coma.

I didn't actually actively trying to do anything about it but, the other day, I looked up a poem by a favorite writer and I was hooked. I'm up to six now and working on memorizing more.

I have been doing crossword puzzles, too, as well as sudoku but I did those back when I was still working the second job, so eh, doesn't really count.

SOPA and Wikipedia Blackout

Herpderpedia went through Twitter updates and retweeted a hell of a lot of people freaking out about Wikipedia going offline for 24 hours in their protest against SOPA.

Some choice tweets:

"Without Wikipedia, all human knowledge will be lost forever." [x]*


"What does Wikipedia have against SOAP?" [x]

"Why doesn't Wikipedia want us to use SOAP anymore. The internet is dirty." [x]**

"I heard Wikipedia is down because of some sofa." [x]

"Everyone seems pissed off about people on their SOFA using the internet. So Wikipedia is shut down? I dont get it." [x]

*) As reactions poured in, the guy whipped out the classic I did it for the lulz card.
**) I kind of think this is a really good joke. I hope.

Some were blaming Obama, some were blaming the Congress, yet some others were blaming Zuckerberg (YA RLY). A lot were wondering but one person at least had the courage to refuse to look things up. Then you have one who exploded with questions and yet simultaneously couldn't give a damn. I IZ SO CONFUSED.

My personal favorite:

I love the hashtag she added. Lord, the irony.

I save the rage inducing best for last:

"What is Wikipedia even protesting.............. -.-" [x]

"Oh fuck off Wikipedia, I had shit to look up. Fuck you and your shitey protest." [x]


Of Intimidation, Oppression and Faith

The story broke yesterday and reactions are flooding in early this morning.

For three years, this church has been battling out for rights to operate i.e. giving services to its congregation, having Sunday masses and celebrating holiday festivities.

People coming for Sunday services are forced to sit outside as their church is sealed despite Supreme Court ruling in favor of the church. Local administrations insists church has no building permit and thus it is illegal to conduct religious services.

Yesterday, yet another church was intimidated into closing by a group claiming to represent the locals, citing yet another building permit issue. A banner was hoisted to state the locals' intention to fully support the administration's decision to stop the building of the church.

Not the kind of stories you want to read on Christmas Eve but at this time I am too jaded to be angry. Anyway, it's not like intimidation and oppression are known to weaken people's faith. So there's that.

Mother's Day on Twitter

Dec 22 is Mother's Day here in my country.

Starting early this morning people are tweeting Happy Mother's Day, followed by people sneering those people, tweeting how well wishers should have said it straight to their respective mums... followed by those who sneered about showing their love only once a year.

More people show up pointing out how pointless everything is ...and we are off.

Funny thing is I noticed that all the fuss has somehow decreased in their intensity over the years. It could be due to the new set of people I follow but I do like to think there is some kind of social control on Twitter, the way it exists everywhere else.

Oh well, there is always football feud.